Tips For Loading The Dishwasher


What not to put in the dishwasher

  • wooden utensils
  • reactive or non-dishwasher safe plastics
  • iron or bronze (they can tarnish or corrode)
  • Hand wash cutting knives (blades can get dull from the dishwasher)
  • Hand wash any delicate glass or stem wear

Don’t pre-rinse items but scape off any large food particles and don’t overcrowd the dishwasher as this makes cleaning harder.

Plates go in the lower rack facing the center for the rack for the best wash. Make sure to have larger items like frying pans and baking sheets around the outside of the rack then large plates then small plates working your way into the middle of the lower rack.

Cups should always be on the upper rack with larger glasses to the outside and small mugs in the middle going between the times or spokes on the rack. Make sure cups are not laying on top of each other so vibrating of dishwasher does not crack, chip or break them.

Smaller bowels go on the top rack as well at slight incline facing down for better cleaning. Large utensils can go on the top rack with spoons facing downwards. Dishwasher plastic safe plastics go on the top shelf to prevent warping from the heater coil.

For your silverware or cutlery place in the provided basket with knives down and the rest of the silverware facing up for better cleaning,

Always run the hot water in the sink for a minute to ensure that the dishwasher starts with hot water and NEVER use dish soap in the dishwasher always use the correct cleaning soap approved by the dishwasher manufacturer.