Tide Pods Making Laundry Easier


Tide Pods are the new innovation in the laundry world. I would like to point out that Tide owns trademark name Pods just like Velcro owns the name. The Tide Pods are designed with the laundry detergent contained within a compact water-soluble packet that dissolves with the laundry cycle. You simply throw Tide Pods into the bottom of the washer and then add the clothes on top

Unfortunately, Tide Pods have been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately but from a strictly cleaning standpoint, they are a great choice. Tide Pods are about 50 percent more, per load then bottled liquid detergent. When looking at the Tide Pods you are paying for the convenience factor. The pre-measured doses provide consistent results. For people with disabilities or health issues, the Tide Pods are easier to manage than heavy containers liquid detergent. And for those needing to use a laundromat grabbing one or two before walking out the door makes a heavy load laundry lighter.

Great idea by Tide people will pay for convenience. We all buy bottled water right :)