Spin Mop Review


Have you debated getting the Spin Mop? Are you unsure about spending the money? Debating if it works? Look no further we have used and can recommend the spin mop. The spin mop is a great cleaning tool making moping easy and fast. Just fill the spin mop bucket to the marked water line then dip in your mop and clean the floor like you would do with any regular mop. Then to remove dirt from the mop use the spin basket and push down on the mop and watch the dirt spin out of the mop. Do the same process over and over until your floors are clean. Before the next cleaning day put the mop head in the wash machine with a little bleach and then dry in the dryer. The spin mops detachable head makes it great for cleaning unlike other mops and the reusable head is great as it saves on waste making it better for the environment. We use the spin mop here and recommend it to everyone for house cleaning.