Cleaning On a Schedule


I know it sounds a little crazy but we all have a schedule to keep when it comes to cleaning up the house. We have all heard mom say as a kid “Bring your clothes down its laundry day.” As it turns out mom was right cleaning on a schedule is one of the best ways to stay on top of things. As we know with any schedule things can change but you may want to try something like this

Week 1

  • Monday – Clean Floors
  • Tuesday – Clean Stove
  • Wednesday – Clean Toilets
  • Thursday – Laundry
  • Friday – Vacuum
  • Saturday – Miscellaneous
  • Sunday - Day off Clean Nothing

Week 2

  • Monday – Clean Tub and Showers
  • Tuesday – Clean Sinks
  • Wednesday – Clean Oven
  • Thursday – Laundry
  • Friday – Windows
  • Saturday – Windows
  • Sunday - Day off Clean Nothing

One thing you’re doing laundry every week to help keep that under control. Laundry can pile up real fast if you are a family of 3, 4 or have a baby in the house so we recommend doing it every week.

If you do one thing a day or two things a day it really helps and helps relieve the pain of cleaning the entire house. You notice certain chores are not on the list like loading dishwasher because that is a daily task, not a chore.