Clean You’re Tub with Bleach


Sometimes your white tub is well not so white anymore due to use and hard water. To turn you tub white again the best thing to do is bleach your tub every so often. The general rule is to use four cups (one liter) of bleach for a full bathtub. Make sure the windows and fan are on in the bathroom for safety bleach can be very potent.

Fill the tub with hot water. As the tub fills add the bleach. If you have a tub with jets check manufacturers manual some recommend closing the air controls during cleaning with bleach. Let the bleach water sit in the tub for 20 minutes then empty the tub. Now fill the tub again with hot water with NO bleach and let that sit for another 20 minutes.

Now drain the tub. By this time, all bleach residue should be thoroughly drained. Just to be sure, though, wipe the inside of the tub down with a towel. This will prevent skin irritation should any bleach residue remain. The tub should be much cleaner and brighter white.