A Dirty Office Can Make You Lose A Client or Customer


Do you invite clients to your office? Do you take pride in your appearance? Do you take pride in your office?

Most salesmen take pride in their look they clean shave, wear a suit and carry a briefcase with a well-organized presentation but do you ever think about the presentation of your office. We take our suites, ties, and slacks to be cleaned by professionals but do we clean our offices professionally?

Nothing could kill a sale worse than a dirty office. A dirty office tells a client in not so many words that your not clean and organized about your space so now the client may think “Is he this messy with this work?"

Maybe your office is clean but what about the bathroom? If a client asks to use the restroom and it’s too dirty for them to use they may get turned off by your company. All these things are factors don’t lose a customer over a dirty or messing office space let us help today.

Professionally cleaned office space is an investment in a big sale.