3 Tips for Stain Removal


1 Know What Caused the Stain

Knowing what caused the stain can really help you get the right cleaning solution to help remove the stain. Knowing if it’s an oil-based substance or water based can really be handy.

2 Don’t Always Wipe the Stain with Water

If the stain is oil based avoid rinsing it under cold water. Oil repels water, so any water that comes into contact with the stain could contribute to setting the stain deeper into the clothing. If the stains come from a non-oily source, then usually the first thing to do is dab off any excess and then rinse it in cold water. If you hold the garment under the tap so that the water is hitting the back of stain, it can help to flush out the stain from behind.

3 Apply the Stain Remover before Wash

Stain remover can really help get out a stain but please apply stain remover the night before you wash. If you’re going to apply the stain remover then wash the clothing right away you’re not giving the stain remover a chance to work. Always try to apply stain remover as soon as the stain happens so the stain does not have time to set. I would recommend carrying a Tide stick with you if you stain your clothing very often.