3 Tips to Making Carpet Last Longer Everyone wants the nice carpet in their home to last as long as possible here are a few tips to help you make your carpet last longer. The first tip is to vacuum it regularly when surface dirt gets dug into the carpet it can damage the integrality of the carpet. The second tip is to clean carpet stains immediately the longer a stain sits the harder and more damage it can do to the carpet. The third and final tip is in high traffic areas protect the carpet us a doormat at those areas or have guest and company take off their shoes this will extend the life of the carpet by years.

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How to Clean Gold Jewelry Gold unlike silver does not tarnish and is easy to clean. You can clean most gold with a household dish soap like Dawn. Put a few drops of liquid dish soap into a bowl of warm water then soak the gold jewelry in the solution for 15 minutes. If you really want your gold jewelry to shine gently scrub the jewelry with a soft-bristled toothbrush with a drop of dish soap for a minute or two then rinse the jewelry under warm running water. Blot the gold jewelry dry with a soft cloth. Never clean gold watches or lockets in water unless approved by the manufacturer or approved by a professional jeweler.

Cleaning a Flat Screen TV Flat screen televisions are not like the old tube TVs and require special attention when cleaning. First turn off the TV and unplug it from the power source. Use a dry, soft microfiber cloth and gently wipe the screen. If the microfiber cloth does not completely remove the dirt or oil, do not press harder in an attempt to scrub it off and this can damage the screen. If necessary, dampen the cloth with distilled water not tap water. Wipe the screen gently until dirt or oil is gone. Use the same process for the plastic edge that surrounds the screen of the TV.

A cleaning house is very important as less dust can help improve allergies and reduce asthma. A wonderful way to help guarantee clean air is to buy an air purifier. Air purifiers are especially important in houses because of they quickly and quietly clear allergens and other particles, effectively remove odor, pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander, and almost all other pollutants present in the air. An air purifier is a must if you own pets and have allergies ensure a clean house and clean air.

Sanitizing Your Sponges Sponges are a great tool for cleaning they have a rough side to clean hard to clean areas plus pots and pans but they also have a soft side for those areas in your home that need a gentle cleaning. Sponges are great but can harbor millions of germs since we use them to clean so much. You can through that sponge away and buy a new one or you can sanitize it and reuse it. You can do this two ways. The first way is the easiest by putting the sponge in with the towels you bleach. If you don’t want to wait to do laundry you can simply put the sponge in the microwave for two minutes and it will kill 99% of the germs.

3 Tips To Keep Your Home Smelling Nice There is nothing better than your home smelling nice it makes the house feel warm and more comfortable for you and your guests. The first tip is to put out scented candle they give the house a warm look, saves electric and gives the house a great smell. The next thing is to make sure your air filters on your heating and air conditioning system are clean. A dirty filter can really make the house have a stale or musty smell. The last tip is to always use fabric softener on your sheets and blankets to keep all your bed sheets and couch throws smelling fresh. Nothing is better than a great smelling house it’s your home take pride in it always.

Cleaning a Nickel Faucet Use a damp a soft rag with warm soapy water. Wipe the faucet from handles to base with the damp rag. Pay close attention to the underside of the handles and spigot and around the base, which are areas where soap residue and mineral deposits can collect. Rinse the rag with plain water and wipe the soap off the faucet. Buff the faucet with a dry cotton cloth until the soap is removed and the nickel shows no water spots. Be very careful as Nickel can scratch easily. For harder areas mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a small spray bottle. Spray the solution directly on mineral deposits, which look white and crusty. Spray around the base of the fixtures as well, where water often accumulates and may lead to m...

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One place dust always seems to build up is on ceiling fans. Cleaning a ceiling fan is a messy job but should be done a few times a year to keep dust from being thrown into the air. Most fans are used in the spring, summer, and fall. There are a few ways to go about cleaning a fan. One option is to take a damp cloth and whip down the fan blades and the decorative light bulb covers. The other option is to unscrew the fan blades and take them down to be cleaned. You can put those decorative light covers into the dishwasher for cleaning I would recommend making sure they are dishwasher safe before doing this as they could damage a very good light cover.

To clean your ceramic-tile floors first sweep or vacuum to remove any loose soil, grit or pet hair. Go over your floors once with a sponge mop using soapy water or a cleaning product line Pine-Sol. We recommend Pine-Sol because it’s great cleaner, easy on the floor and leaves the house smelling nice. Next use a micro-fiber mop picks up all the dirt that a sponge mop leaves behind. Pour the ingredients into a bucket and use a rag or microfiber mop to clean the grouted area if they need a little extra use a very soft brush. If you do use a rag and the on-your-hands-and-knees method to clean your tile floors, be sure to wipe in a circular motion across the floor. Don't forget the cabinets and baseboards and clean the corners where dirt and ...

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